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News update singles 22/jan

This years singles are on Tuesday 11th February, 4 bars will be selected with top 2 from each bar making finals night Free Entry!!!!!!

The format will depend on the number of entrance so please send your players names through your captain to save the number of messages i will receive, the last day of players will be Febuary 4th.Draw will take place live on February 5th


Rule update (16 oct )

Player of year points will be awarded for the first half of the season as 1 point for the first game you play ONLY. This is to allow everyone eval games as 4 man team plays 2 games,where 5 or above players may only get one game,hense first game only.


B.W.S Fuengirola darts league 2018 2019

Hello and welcome to Fuengirola darts league, this year we have obtained a sponsor and we welcome B.W.S as the sponsor.


1 Gold and Silver League
Because of new teams, bars and players. We will start the first 13 weeks with a qualifications stage for Gold or Silver League. Every team will meet once (home or away depending on draw). After that the 7 best teams goes to the Gold League and the other teams will join the Silver league. League games will be played at Tuesdays.

The qualifications stage format is 8 singles, 501 and best of 3 (once both players are at a double both players will have 18 darts to hit the double, if after 18 darts then both players will through for the bull with the nearest  wins the leg so it don't drag on for hours) 

Team and other Cups
There are more league games this season so teams that want to play in the Team Cup singles and pairs may have to matches on another weekday then Tuesday.

Score Sheets

Teams must send their score sheets to 685601681 (Geordie) after every match so to update league standing and player of the year points, failure to do so may result in your team players no receiving their player off the year points 

Player’s registration  

Players must be registered before you play a match, no player who has not been registered can play. If you want to register a player at short notice must send their name before you start your match

 (send by whatts app to 685601681) this will stop teams from bring in ringers. All players must play at least 2 league match’s before entering into cup, pairs and single competition. 

Registration Fees

Fees are set at 90 Euro per season for league match’s, Cups singles and pairs will carry a additional 5 Euro entry. All registration fees must be paid before end of November.  

Basic conditions

All match’s should start at 21.00 hours, players are asked to be respectful of the venue they visit, home side throws for the bull to start a match. Food is optional!!!!


All results must be sent by whatts app to 685601681(Geordie) as soon as the match finish’s failure will result in your team players not receiving player of the year points ( New competition we introduced this year)

Score sheets

All score sheets must be completed in capital letters and readable with players first and surname.

Player’s transfers

Players once signed for a team can only transfer once per season and that can only be done up to the halfway point of the season which is week 13.

4 Players per team

4 Players represent a team. If, for some reason, there are less than 4 players - the other team claim points on games not played. Minimum number of players in a team to play a match is 3. 1 player can maximum play two singles during a match and the player can’t meet the same player twice.

Home captain to choose order of play

Home captain to choose “order of play” and hands over “order of play” to the visiting captain for completion.

Point system

1 point will be rewarded for every game won in a match.

Teams separated by +/- point difference. If points are equal between the top two teams in the end of the season. The league winner will be determined in a playoff. The League administrator will decide which bar the playoff will be held.

Cancelled games

Any team needing to cancel a game must give 24 hours’ notice, failure to do so and the points will be awarded to the other side, unless both teams agree a re-arranged game within 7 days.

Game format

8 Singles, 501, double finish, home team to throw first for bull, nearest to start. A player can’t play the same player twice in singles.

Point system

1 point will be rewarded for every game won in a match