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  1. All players must be registered 24 hours before they play and can only be registered either at the bar or to 669113356 by team captains ONLY.
  2. There are NO cancellations, teams will need to have enough players registered to complete their fixtures.

     2a Any team who has to cancel will have a 2-point deduction for each match canceled.

  1. League Fees, 150.00 Euro per team paid before the league starts.
  2. Format div 1, 4 players, 12 singles 501 best of 3. (teams can agree best of 5 before the start of the game, changes added to comment on the score sheet, 12 darts to finish under 50, then 3 darts with the highest score)
  3. Format, div 2, 4 players 12 singles, best of 3 301, but if both captains agree then its 401 (12 darts to finish under 50, then 3 darts highest score)
  4. Div I ,if the bar you play in has 2 boards then the format is best of 5 playing on both boards, if the bar has 1 board then its best of 3.
  5. Three persons constitute a team, if a team is a player short then they will forfeit 3 legs.

    7. Player of the Year will be 1 point only and the first game you play.

    8. Score sheets, the home team will put their team names down first in positions 1,2,3, and 4, then fold the sheet and give it to the away team to       complete, once the first 4 games are completed the away team will fill in positions 5,6,7, and 8, then fold sheet and home team will fill in the sheet,     positions 9 10 11 and 12 will be filled in by the home team then fold the sheet, then give to the away team folded. *(Blind Draw)

     9 All players must live in Spain,

  1. Results must be sent to 669113356 (Geordie only) as soon as your games are finished, please do not post results anywhere else as your results will not be counted
  2. Results not received on the evening of the game may incur a points deduction
  3. Players may transfer from team to team only once per season, no team will be allowed to register players with 4 games or less to play.
  4. A player is only registered with a bar if he has played a game for that team.
  5. If a bar closes then any player may play for another bar* unless rule 13.
  6. If a player transfers to another team then that player cannot play against a team he as already played against.
  7. Any player who cause a situation, violence or drug issue inside a bar will have there registration revoked from the Fuengirola league.