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  1. All players must be registered 48 hours before they play.
  2. NO cancellations, teams will need to have enough players registered to complete their fixtures.

     2a Any team who has to cancel will have a 2-point deduction for each match cancelled.

  1. League Fees, 150.00 Euro per team paid before the league starts.
  2. Format div 1, 4 players, 12 singles 501 best of 5.
  3. Format, div 2, 4 players 12 singles, best of 3 401.
  4. Three persons constitute a team, if a team is a player short then they will forfeit 3 legs.

    7.Player of the year will be 1 point only and will be the first game you play.

    8.Score sheets, home team will put their team names down first in positions 1,2,3, and 4, then fold sheet and give it to the away team to complete, once  the first 4 games are completed then away team will fill in positions 5,6,7, and 8, then fold sheet and home team will fill in the sheet, positions 9 10 11 and 12 will be filled in by the home team then fold the sheet, then give to the away team folded. *(Blind Draw)

     9 All players must live in Spain,

  1. Division 2 only, once both players are at 50 or below, each player is allowed 9 darts to check out, otherwise, both players throw 3 darts for the highest score to win
  2. Results must be sent to 669113356 (Geordie only) as soon as your games are finished, please do not post results anywhere else as your results will not be counted.
  3. Results not received on the evening of the game may incur a point’s deduction.