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Fuengirola v Estapona July 21st 2019

Games will be played on July 21st and the return fixture July 28th at C2C


Ari Koivunen Confirmed

Ralf Graf  -  C2C C Confirmed

Carmelo Sosa  -  Club da Billar 

Robbie Tester  -  C2C C Confirmed

Geordie  -  C2C A Confirmed

James Mylon-  C2C C Confirmed

Sammy Kaddur  -  C2C C

Jesus Crespo  -  C2C C Confirmed

9 Jason Luczynec  -  Caribbean Pirates Confirmed

10 Des Harvey  -  C2C C Confirmed

All players please confirm asap there is a reserve list, players please be outside Club de Billar  no later then 13.00 for lifts etc.