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Final August 31st 2020 played C2C


C2C A v C2C C




We have changed gold and silver cups as not enough weeks left, we think this is the best way to complete cups

As the league finish the order will determine who plays who.

Gold cup

Winners and Runners up automatically through to semi finals. 3 will play 6 and 4 will play 5, then winners will play winner from 4 v 5 and runners up will play winner from 3 and 6

Silver cup  

Positions 7/8 automatically through to semi finals with 9 playing 12 and 10 playing 11,then 7 will play winners from 12 v 9 and 8 will play winners from 10 v 11.

Last position in the league will be elimated from cups

August 17th 2020

cup games 1\4 finals

August 24th 2020

Cup games semi finals

August 31st 2020